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About Our Continuing Education Courses

At Computer Coach we recognize not everyone needs a full career program. Sometimes, just a short course, to upskill is what is needed. We get it! You should never stop learning.

With this in mind, we created our continuing education course division. These courses are available at our wonderful location in Tampa, FL through live instructor-led classroom environments and remote live instructor led environments, wherever you have an Internet connection.  Contact a Training Specialist to learn more about what options the course or skill you need is available in.

All continuing education courses feature hands on and Interactive learning methodologies to make learning your new skills effective. In addition to upskilling, some of these courses help prepare you for optional certifications that are highly sought after in various work environments. Contact a Training Specialist to learn more.

One thing to note, continuing education & certification preparation courses, are not licensed by the CIE. These courses are designed for individuals who are currently working in the field or have experience. If you need full career training then visit our career training page for details on the programs available or contact a training specialist to discuss the options.

We look forward to helping you achieve the skills you seek.

  IT Fundamentals

Get hands-on information technology experience with this introductory, yet vital, skill-building course. Basic concepts obtained include: recognizing and describing computer components, software installation, setting up network connectivity, and protecting from security threats.

   Computer Hardware & Software

Learn the crucial elements of computers in our current environments. Get firsthand knowledge on various hardware and operating systems. This course immerses you in various topics like building computer systems, troubleshooting, software installation, security concepts and more.

   Networking Essentials

Learn the principles of networking such as, principles of vendor-specific networks, vendor-neutral networking how-to, network hardware and firmware, as wells as various servers and routers. You will focus on analyzing a network to run seamlessly, identify bottlenecks, and monitor growth to suggested stipulations.

   Client Operating Systems

Learn how to install and configure highly sought after client operating systems for companies of all sizes. This course will guide you on installing, updating, securing, and configuring open source and/or vendor specific operating systems.

   Introduction to Virtualization

Develop the highly desired skills needed in today’s amazing world of virtualization as you gain an interactive approach on how virtualization works. You will learn how to create a virtual machine from scratch and how migration works, additionally, you will learn how to set up and maintain basic components and supporting devices.

   Windows Install and Configuration

Learn the specifications and benefits of Windows Server Operating Systems; what aspects it can have, setting up, designing, and using deployment services on your Windows Server networked environment, and much more.

   Windows Administration

You will achieve advanced education in Windows Server Directory. You will determine how to establish and build AD, as well as learn to create, implement, and manage group policies. Additionally, you will learn about Windows virtualization.

   Advanced Windows Administration

Obtain a thorough understanding of advanced deployment of Windows services and much more. Manage network load balancing clusters, setup network load balancing, set parameters, configure failover clusters, you will also become familiar with designing and executing business continuity and disaster recovery plans for a Windows networked environment.

   Introduction to Cloud Computing

This course will help you learn the principles of cloud computing. You will gain a proactive approach to the cutting edge technologies recognized in today’s cloud computing environments.

   Intermediate Cloud Computing

You will take a deep dive with this involved and interactive course as you impart on real life, detailed exercises on cloud models, virtualization, infrastructure, security, resource management, and business continuity.

   Advanced Cloud Computing

Get enlightened with a comprehensive look on the premier cloud technology ¬¬— AWS. This interactive course will immerse you into the world of AWS as you learn to deploy, manage, and operate scalable, highly available, and fault-tolerant systems.

   Introduction to Routing & Switching

Achieve imperative skills for medium-sized routed and switched networks, including: installation, configuring, operation, and troubleshooting. You will also become proficient in LAN/WAN switching technologies, IPv4 and IPv6 routing technologies, infrastructure services, and infrastructure maintenance.

   Routing & Switching Security

The imperative skills learned in this course are: establishing a security infrastructure, identifying threats and vulnerabilities in networks, mitigating security threats, and securing routers and switches.

   Integrating and Configuring Wireless Technologies

Become proficient in wireless controllers and access points as you discover the skills necessary to implement and administer wireless technologies; all of which are sought after skills needed in small and mid-sized businesses.

   Introduction to Computer Security

Achieve the fundamental knowledge of computer security as you study introductory network security, operational security, identity management, vulnerabilities, threats, compliance, access control, and cryptography.

   Intermediate Computer Security

Enhance your understanding of computer & IT security. You will be guided through subjects such as risk management and incident response from a computer security aspect, and review enterprise IT computer security management. Additionally, you will learn to sharpen research and analytical skills, integrate security-computing topics with communications and business goals, and integrate the technical components of computer security into businesses of all sizes.

   Advanced Computer Security

You will learn advanced computer security skills to further develop your IT security knowledge. You will be able to distinguish between physical and environmental security. You will learn telecommunications from a network security standpoint, and security topics from a software development aspect. You will delve into information security governance, risk management, access control, as well as an introduction to cryptography.

   Cyber Security Comprehensive

Gain thorough knowledge on cyber security with a focus on grasping topics and techniques required to secure and protect applications and systems of all sizes. You will learn how to configure and utilize threat detection tools, namely, Wireshark, Bro, Snort, and possibly others depending on industry demand. Additionally, you will determine how to perform data analysis on the network, and interpret the analysis results to identify vulnerabilities, threats, and risks to your organization.

   Introduction to Ethical Hacking

You will acquire a thorough understanding of the following subjects: intrusion detection, DDoS attacks, buffer overflows, and malware creation. Delve into the mind of a hacker for an atypical aspect on penetration testing, and learn the best methods to negate hack attacks.

   Introduction to Databases

Study the principles of database skills, including relational and core database concepts, security requirements, and database objects such as, tables and views, graphical tools and T-SQL scripts, database queries, and stored procedures.

   Database Administration

Through this course, learn how to install, configure, optimize, and trouble shoot SQL Server. You will study data management, learn to maintain instances, implement security, and how to implement and maintain high availability databases.

   Data Querying

This course helps you learn how to create database objects, work with data, modify data, and troubleshoot and optimize SQL Server databases.

   Data Warehousing

In this Data Warehousing course, you will learn how to design and implement a data warehouse, withdraw and alter data from various databases, and configure and deploy SSIS solutions, as well as, learn how to load data, and build data quality solutions.

   Site Concepts

Discover the fundamentals of the Internet and the World Wide Web from a website and application development aspect using HTML 5, CSS, and JavaScript. You will focus on the principles of the Internet, domains, web hosting, and other critical subjects needed to create ande develop for the WWW.

   Project Management Core

Learn several areas within Project Management with this foundational course designed to enhance your knowledge in all areas of project management.

  Advanced Project Management

Utilizing agile techniques, you will learn definitive methods of managing projects with this cutting edge course.

   Project Management Software

You will make your career in project management considerably easier with this course as you learn how to use Microsoft Project.

   Introduction to Service Management

You will gain a thorough understanding of what a service strategy is, and how it helps organizations with long-term improvement and development. Learn specific techniques of service management that allows you to provide value to your customers throughout the lifecycle of the service strategy. Important subjects covered are service value definition, business case development, service assets, and market analysis.

   Introduction to Business Process Improvement

As an introductory course in Business Process Improvement (BPI), you will gain knowledge on developing solutions organizations need to gain significant improvements in production.

   Introduction to Creative Problem Solving (CPS)

You will learn how to take imagination and innovation and apply it to the principles of problem solving. When you add creativity and problem solving, the solution becomes a synergistic effect that is much more than the two individual parts, this process helps you redefine problems in a more enlightening way, and then take action.

   Search Engine Marketing

Learn the fundamentals of search engine marketing as you delve into important subjects such as pay per click, advertising on the web, monitoring, and analysis of online campaigns.

   Social Media Marketing

Learn introductory concepts of how to market on the most popular online social platforms including, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, blogging, and much more.

   Search Engine Optimization & Content

– This course provides an introduction to search engine optimization (SEO) and content management. You will cover content creation, copywriting, SEO tactics, search engine updates, and algorithms.

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